Dallas Morning News Waco Archives

What it contains and what it leaves out

In March, 1997, the Museum learned of a web page posted by the Dallas Morning News containing many of the stories they published during the 1993 Waco Holocaust. The archive is entitled The Siege in Waco

The introduction to this archive reads as follows:

As noted, the archive is not complete. At this writing (March 9, 1997), a number of articles and all of the photographs are missing. Unfortunately, some of the more notable exceptions, listed below, are essential to the Museum's story. When available, stories from the Dallas Morning News archives now replace the Museum's scanned copies.

Here is a list of the stories once published in the Dallas Morning News, for which a replacement is not yet available in the Dallas Morning News Waco archive. The items in that archive are directly linked from this index.

March Stories

March 01, 1993: 4 agents die in raid on cult; Standoff continues near Waco

March 01, 1993: Howell's revelation: Wounded sect leader, in rambling interview, says that he is Christ

March 02, 1993: Law officers close in on cult; Four more children released-- Leader's relatives plead for surrender

March 02, 1993: Experts say raid doomed from start; Firepower, element of surprise seen as lacking

March 02, 1993: Law officers close in on cult Divided Davidian: Kin call Koresh loving; others say he's a bully

March 02, 1993: Outgunned agents never had chance, experts say; Some see low-key approach as preferable

March 02, 1993: Cult's arsenal may be limited only by bankroll; `If you've got the money, you can get the guns,' expert says

March 02, 1993: Cult veers from mainstream in leader's claim of divinity

March 03, 1993: Broadcast of statement keeps media focus on KRLD-AM; TV stations differ on handling of Koresh talk simulcast

March 03, 1993: Negotiations with cult drag on; Released youngsters comforted

Augmenting Museum copy:
March 03, 1993: Negotiations with cult drag on: 14 may be dead in compound; Group's leader fails to give up as promised

March 03, 1993: Theologians doubt Koresh's address won many converts

March 03, 1993: Drama takes unusual twists: Sect's ex-leader denounces Koresh; movie agent pitches deal

March 03, 1993: Agency in charge is unclear; FBI, Treasury each has claim

March 04, 1993: Congressman says he forwarded letters about sect to FBI

March 04, 1993: Koresh's injury hard to assess; Doctor says sect leader in danger of infection

March 04, 1993: FBI: Cult leader said God told him to wait; U.S. agents seem ready for long wait

March 04, 1993: Agency says sect was tipped off; ATF defends actions in raid, confirms reports of telephone call defends

March 05, 1993: Agents say `positive' ties forged; But FBI doesn't hint standoff is almost over

March 05, 1993: FBI says its probe of sect inconclusive; Lawmakers' allegations spurred inquiry

March 05, 1993: U.S. agent in charge is veteran investigator

March 05, 1993: Defense lawyers discuss motives of 2 who surrendered: One woman had mission, the other wanted to keep her company, attorneys say

March 06, 1993: Koresh tells negotiators he won't kill self, denies he's Christ

March 06, 1993: Getting the word out: Koresh characterized as `street-smart' in bid for worldwide publicity on religious message

March 07, 1993: Texas may have many extremist groups, cult experts say

March 07, 1993: Groups may prosper by offering security in rapidly changing world

March 07, 1993: Agency says tips on sect point to holy war; Public likely to be `stunned' by what may be in compound, official says

March 08, 1993: No visible means: Source of money for Davidian sect remains a mystery

March 08, 1993: Cult talks stalled; Agents say Koresh won't compromise

March 09, 1993: Experts assess significance of tanks' arrival; They believe sect may have anti-tank weapons, armor-piercing bullets

March 09, 1993: Koresh trying to provoke `war,' federal officials say; Agencies think sect has light anti-tank weapons

March 10, 1993: Gun dealer, Koresh called partners; Man apparently helped Branch Davidians purchase weapons legally

March 10, 1993: McLennan joins talks with cult leader

March 10, 1993: Cryptic sign at compound asks for help; FBI negotiators unable to explain members' plea

March 11, 1993: Negotiator for sect is called devout; Officials say he's taking `more dominant role'

March 11, 1993: Agents claim control; Man arrested outside cult site

March 11, 1993: Cult displays banner seeking talks with rights group

March 11, 1993: Officials flooded with tips, insights on Koresh, his message

March 12, 1993: Journalists' panel looks at ethics of coverage

March 12, 1993: Koresh preached violence, officials, ex-follower say; Names of sect members in compound released

March 13, 1993: Woman who left sect wanted to see kids

March 13, 1993: Lawyers complain of secrecy on U.S. documents about cult

March 13, 1993: 2 Branch Davidians leave compound, are detained; Action marks break in stalemate between agents, sect

March 14, 1993: Cult members refuse medical help, FBI says; Some may die from wounds without care, agent contends

March 14, 1993: Davidians in Missouri disavow Waco-area cult; Texas standoff disrupts group's pastoral life

March 14, 1993: FBI's `A-Team' plying varied skills in sect talks; But experts say obstacles numerous

March 15, 1993: Agents use light against sect as psychological maneuver; Attorney for jailed member says group's hardships growing

March 16, 1993: KEEPING WATCH: Gawkers, profit-seekers, proselytizers flock to hill near cult compound

March 16, 1993: Officials use secrecy as siege tactic

March 16, 1993: FBI officials are starting to boost pressure on cult; Negotiators refuse to discuss religion

March 17, 1993: FBI meets with cult leaders; Agents say no end to standoff seen

March 18, 1993: Inquiry of leak to cult shifts to news media; Officials believe call, meeting tipped off sect

March 18, 1993: Up to 30 in cult want to leave, FBI agent says; They seek agency's assurances

March 18, 1993: Teen-ager who left sect ordered held as material witness; Action may deter exits, lawyer says

March 19, 1993: FBI challenges Koresh to let followers leave; Leader apparently rejected release of 30 members

March 19, 1993: Bail set for sect member, but appeal delays release

March 20, 1993: 2 leave sect compound; Koresh talks to agents

March 20, 1993: Koresh wants standoff resolved, FBI says

March 21, 1993: Official cautiously optimistic cult standoff will end soon

March 21, 1993: Ideas vary on cults' appeal to women; Experts agree members face pressure to forsake kin, values

March 22, 1993: Release of 7 buoys hopes for end to cult standoff

March 23, 1993: Weekend hopes for end to cult siege are dashed

March 24, 1993: Media representatives assess news coverage of standoff near Waco

March 25, 1993: Between the lines: FBI uses briefings as tactical weapon

March 25, 1993: FBI grows impatient with talks; Cult's leader called cowardly by agent

March 26, 1993: Cult arms buildup described; Affidavit explains ATF raid, officials say

March 27, 1993: ATF official defends raid planning

March 28, 1993: Defining `cult' is no easy task, experts say; Other religious groups may also share certain traits

March 28, 1993: Agents warn of tighter security after infiltrations of cult compound

March 29, 1993: Sect member fears violent end to siege; Man, in hiding from ATF, denies cult has illegal weapons, drugs

March 30, 1993: Noted lawyer allowed into Davidians' compound for meeting; DeGuerin won't comment on 2-hour talk, calls it `a very sensitive situation'

March 31, 1993: Koresh attorney is accustomed to high-profile cases; He's known as intense, thorough

March 31, 1993: Koresh, attorney meet again; Officials hopeful impasse near end

April Stories

April 01, 1993: Cult member's mom lauds involvement of lawyer in talks

April 01, 1993: Cult lawyers given more time; Counsel for Koresh says talks are going slowly

April 02, 1993: Lawyers await cult decision; Attorneys cite `significant progress' in talks with sect leaders

April 03, 1993: Officials cut off talks with Koresh

April 04, 1993: Diverse group rallies for Koresh's rights; Most differ with him but oppose U.S. actions

April 04, 1993: Cult negotiations turn to milk, other mundane items; Agents hope Passover brings a break in Branch Davidian impasse

April 05, 1993: Koresh's lawyer voices optimism

April 09, 1993: Hopes for sect surrender dim; Group discounts hope of post-Passover end to standoff

April 09, 1993: Sect dims hopes of surrender after Passover

Replacing the Museum copy:
April 10, 1993: Cult releases victims' names; FBI voices doubt about truth of sect's information

April 10, 1993: Koresh threatens in letter to smite his enemies, agents say

April 11, 1993: Freed cult children given help in coping; They may suffer from stress disorder after traumatic events, psychiatrist says

April 12, 1993: FBI thinks Koresh letter hints at fight, officials say; They say D.C. won't OK raid

April 13, 1993: Officials doubt standoff with cult will end soon ; Lawyers plan more talks with Branch Davidians

April 14, 1993: Koresh refuses lawyer's call; But attorney appears hopeful siege will end soon

April 15, 1993: No easy answers: Law authorities puzzle over methods to end Branch Davidian siege

April 15, 1993: Koresh lawyer details plan: He says cultist to give up after his prophesies are written

April 16, 1993: Cult report meets with skepticism; Officials aren't `holding their breath' for end to siege, agent says

April 17, 1993: Agents doubt Koresh will surrender soon

April 18, 1993: Man who had sneaked into compound leaves; FBI says Koresh lying to drag out standoff

April 19, 1993: U.S. agents clear debris outside cult compound

April 20, 1993: DEADLY INFERNO: FBI says cult torched compound; 26 believed dead

April 20, 1993: Evidence for many cases burned with compound, lawyer says

April 20, 1993: Cultists' lawyers accuse FBI of precipitating violent ending

April 20, 1993: Waco clergyman organizes `service of prayer and lament'

April 20, 1993: Vow of kids' safety Koresh's `final lie';Agent says children died despite pledge

April 20, 1993: Cult kids in state custody unaware of events, officials say

April 20, 1993: Sect members often frustrated agents; Criticism of standoff methods resurfaces

April 20, 1993: Witnesses stunned, horrified by fire's speed and intensity

April 20, 1993: FBI plan had Reno's approval; Goal was to force talks or evacuation, she says

April 20, 1993: Cult members' families seek answers to tragedy; `I just can't comprehend it,' relative says

April 20, 1993: Souvenir sales jump near cult compound as the end becomes clear

April 20, 1993: Cult's actions no surprise to religious experts

April 20, 1993: Waco embarrassed by image presented throughout world; `We're not all crazy,' resident says

April 20, 1993: Authorities say sect members are solely at fault for fatal fire

April 20, 1993: Television news showed horror of destruction

Not currently available in the Dallas Morning News Waco archive:
April 21, 1993: Dr. Rodney Crow's plan for recovering the Mt. Carmel remains

Not currently available in the Dallas Morning News Waco archive:
April 21, 1993: FBI partial list of Mt. Carmel residents

April 21, 1993: Cultists' prosecution will be challenging; Few similar cases were as tough, legal experts say

Replacing the Museum copy:
April 21, 1993: Koresh vowed not to give in; FBI bugged compound, heard plans

April 21, 1993: Clinton pledges probe of siege; President blames Koresh for deaths, staunchly defends Reno

April 21, 1993: Koresh vowed not to give in; ATF cites Feb. 28 statement

April 21, 1993: Church service begins healing process for Waco area

April 21, 1993: Diplomats decline to fault FBI; Australian envoy pleased that Rangers to lead probe

April 21, 1993: Many officers making plans to head home; FBI dismantling command post

April 21, 1993: Grandmom defends Koresh

April 21, 1993: FBI agent tried to prod Koresh toward surrender

April 21, 1993: Waco students seem little affected by cult children's deaths

April 21, 1993: Parkland turns down offers of skin for burn victims

April 21, 1993: Koresh anticipated agents would face criticism after inferno, psychiatrist says

April 21, 1993: Editorial: Tragedy from start to finish

April 22, 1993: About 40 cultists' bodies found in rubble; 3 apparently shot, officials say

Not currently available in the Dallas Morning News Waco archive:
April 22, 1993: Cultist's lawyer criticizes Tarrant medical examiner

April 22, 1993: Report given to FBI predicted `fiery ending' to cult standoff

Not currently available in the Dallas Morning News Waco archive (insert graphic for above story):
April 22, 1993: Frank X. Leahy's "prediction" of a Davidian fiery suicide

April 23, 1993: Branch Davidian tragedy haunts McLennan sheriff

April 23, 1993: Pathologist says no bullet wounds found on cultists

April 23, 1993: Former compound site is barren, stark, colorless; Vegetation has been scraped away

April 23, 1993: Reno hopes for lessons on future confrontations; `Nonlethal means' of coping sought

April 23, 1993: Author of report on cult has long criminal record; Man had predicted fiery end to standoff
Note: The man identified in this story is Frank X. Leahy, from April 21 story, above. According to that story, he is husband of Joyce Sparks, the social worker who has been the official expert on the treatment of the Davidian children. Joyce Sparks testified at the 1995 congressional hearings. Under the circumstances, Leahy is a remarkable choice as an expert advisor to the FBI.

April 23, 1993: No gunshot wounds found yet on cultists

April 24, 1993: Compound inspected; Cult child-abuse allegations called unproven

April 25, 1993: 53 bodies found so far at cult site; official says 2 have gun wounds

April 25, 1993: Negotiations with Koresh called one-sided, laborious

April 25, 1993: Apocalypse Now? Not to worry ... just yet

April 26, 1993: Life getting back to normal in Waco; Officers sift rubble for clues

April 26, 1993: Mailman tied to tip on cult is first victim identified

Not currently available in the Dallas Morning News Waco archive:
April 27, 1993: Cult member's lawyer seeks new pathologist for autopsies

April 28, 1993: Officials recover 5 bodies from Branch Davidian bunker

April 29, 1993: Reno testifies on siege; She says tear gas was only acceptable option

April 29, 1993: Autopsies so far show gunshots killed 5 cultists; Number in fire appears smaller than first thought

April 30, 1993: Some in ATF feel betrayed by Treasury Department

April 30, 1993: Brooks' remarks on attacking cult get inadvertent audience

April 30, 1993: Final death toll in compound may be 72, authorities say

May Stories

Replacing the Museum copy:
May 01, 1993: Remains may be those of Koresh, sheriff says
Note: This story chronicles the the destruction of the concrete room (the alleged site of death of dozens of the residents) within two weeks of the alleged date of deaths. This action prevented any further investigation of the evidence, of course.

May 03, 1993: Authorities identify Koresh's remains; He died of gunshoot wound in head

May 05, 1993: Agents tell of weary job at cult site, sifting ruins difficult

May 05, 1993: 4 bodies found in tunnels; Officials think they were killed in raid

May 06, 1993: Relatives mourn for cult victims, struggle to fathom disaster

May 06, 1993: Officials: At least 15 cult bodies had gunshot wounds

May 07, 1993: Siege prompts new media policy, limits on advance notice of action

May 08, 1993: Private memorial service today for ATF agents killed in cult raid

May 09, 1993: Agents return to Waco to mourn slain comrades

May 09, 1993: JPs in spotlight after cult deaths

May 12, 1993: Top Koresh aides died near him, authorities say

May 12, 1993: Cultist's dad frustrated by search for son's body

May 13, 1993: ATF agent says he saw disaster loom, doubts psychological wounds will heal

May 14, 1993: Doctor says at least 22 in cult were shot

May 15, 1993: Cult property quarantined; officials site sewage, vermin

May 16, 1993: Branch Davidians living and dead: Who are they?

May 18, 1993: Senate panel expected to look into cult probe

May 21, 1993: Memorial honors ATF agents, cult-raid sacrifices

May 23, 1993: Treasury investigation of cult raid to include role of media

May 26, 1993: Files detail evidence of huge cult arsenal

June Stories

June 06, 1993: ATF faces more questions from Congress

June 10, 1993: 911 tape released in ATF raid; Cult member says agents shot first

June 10, 1993: Transcript of 911 call details first moments of cult siege

June 11, 1993: ATF commanders erred in cult raid, panel chief says

June 12, 1993: 911 tapes log pleading officials, hostile cultists

June 15, 1993: Waco dispatch chief assails 911 tape of cult talks

June 17, 1993: FBI set to reveal today whether release of Koresh tape violated policy

June 23, 1993: Tapes show ATF unsure of casualties after firefight

June 29, 1993: U.S. to help identify cult members' bodies

June 30, 1993: FBI agent criticized for releasing cult 911 tape

(There are no stories in this archive for July, 1993)
August Stories

August 07, 1993: 12 Branch Davidians indicted in Feb. 28 shootout

August 13, 1993: Tapes tied to cult indictments

August 14, 1993: ATF raid secrecy is alleged

August 28, 1993: TV cameraman admits his words tipped off cult

August 29, 1993: Branch Davidian site draws tourists, controversy six months after raid

September Stories

September 04, 1993: FBI agent suggests top aide killed Koresh

September 10, 1993: ATF chief defends raid commanders; Denies they lacked training for Waco case

September 26, 1993: Key review may spur ATF fallout

September 28, 1993: ATF chief announces retirement, cites raid probe, proposals for FBI merger

October Stories

October 01, 1993: Report plays star role at court hearing

October 01, 1993: 5 ATF officials suspended after cult raid review, accused of deception

October 02, 1993: Report on FBI actions in raid on cult delayed

October 03, 1993: 2 key ATF officials faulted in review of cult siege resign

October 03, 1993: Bureau had trained months for raid

October 04, 1993: Behavior experts blast FBI over cult

October 08, 1993: Cult wiretaps won't be released

October 09, 1993: Siege chronology reveals frustrations, disagreements

October 09, 1993: Report blames Koresh; FBI cleared in raid that led to deaths

October 09, 1993: FBI failed to weigh cult's beliefs, outside report says

October 11, 1993: Writings of Koresh analyzed; FBI, sect defenders clash over meaning

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