US News and World Report Sanitizes Holocaust

Note how in this diagram drawn (presumably) by the artists of US News and World Report for the May 3, 1993 edition, the details are altered to sanitize the truth of the Waco Holocaust. For instance, note that the front of the building (to the viewer's right) is still complete: In reality, the tanks smashed gaping holes into the front wall and drove into the building, possibly crushing Davidians in the kitchen (see Newsweek, May 19, 1993).

Note also the tank is incorrectly labeled: military equipment experts have watched footage of the Final Day and identified the tanks. The tank altered to carry the boom was an M-40. Only one M-60 was seen in the video footage. At least two others were M-67As, with false barrel and flame thrower attachments.

At the base of the four story tower was a 19 by 20 foot room, with walls and ceiling of 6-inch steel-reinforced concrete, no windows, and only one doorway. It was not cinderblock. By April 29, 33 to 43 bodies had been found in that room.

Note the "hay storage" area, labeled to enable the World Report readers to conclude that the flames were fed by hay.

The tower is of course labeled "observation tower" and the tornado shelters, "underground bunkers," in keeping with the pretense that the Davidians had prepared a military trap for the federal agents.

The body marked on this diagram out by the swimming pool does not appear in the official medical examiner's diagrams. This may be a piece of truth that was later changed. This relocation of bodies is discussed in the page Eeenie, Meenie, Miny--DOE!

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Many people who distrust the mainstream media have turned to alternate news sources, some of which are Internet based.  Unfortunately, many of these alternate sources of news simply promote an alternate series of lies.  These alternate lies are of course dressed up as "exposés."  But you can easily tell the phonies from the real thing.  The information in the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum is an acid test.

Does your news source promote Mike McNulty's video, Waco: The Rules of Engagement or wring its hands because the Davidian law suit against the government failed?  (See Waco Documentary Is A Hoax! and Waco Suits for Waco Suckers.) Does your alternate news source carry promotional pieces about rebuilding the Davidian church in Waco and mouth nice words about "healing"?  (See The Cover-up Church.)

Remember, since ancient times, inquiries into questionable deaths have started with the bodies of the victims.  If your news source won't give you an honest and full account of the forensic information on Waco, or if it does not have a link to the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum ... your alternate news has failed a fundamental acid test.   

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