Clive Doyle's Complete List of Mt. Carmel Deaths

This list is derived from information provided by surviving Branch Davidian, Clive Doyle. The race of individuals has been added to Clive's original list as an aid in identifying remains.

Names in italics indicate the death occurred on February 28, 1993.

Katherine Andrade 24 white American
Chanel Andrade 1 white American
Jennifer Andrade 19 white American
George Bennett 35 black British
Susan Benta 31 black British
Winston Blake 28 black British
Mary Jean Borst 49 white American
Pablo Cohen 38 white Israeli
Abedowalo Davies 30 black British
Shari Doyle 18 white American
Beverly Elliot 30 black British
Yvette Fagan 32 black British
Doris Fagan 51 black British
Lisa Marie Farris 24 white American
Raymond Friesen 76 white Canadian
Peter Gent 24 white Australian
Sandra Hardial 27 black British
Zilla Henry 55 black British
Vanessa Henry 19 black British
Phillip Henry 22 black British
Paulina Henry 24 black British
Stephen Henry 26 black British
Diana Henry 28 black British
Novellette Hipsman 36 black American
Peter Hipsman 28 white American
Floyd Houtman 61 black American
Sherri Jewell 43 Asian American
David M. Jones 38 white American
Perry Jones 64 white American
David Koresh 33 white American
Rachel Koresh 24 white American
Cyrus Koresh 8 white American
Star Koresh 6 white American
Bobbie Lane Koresh 2 white American
Jeffery Little 32 white American
Nicole Gent Little 24 white Australian
and unborn child
Dayland Gent 3 white American
Page Gent 1 white American
Livingston Malcolm 26 black British
Diane Martin 41 black British
Wayne Martin, Sr. 42 black American
Lisa Martin 13 black American
Sheila Martin 15 black American
Anita Martin 18 black American
Wayne Martin, Jr. 20 black American
Julliete Martinez 30 Mexican American
Crystal Martinez 3 Mexican American
Isaiah Martinez 4 Mexican American
Joseph Martinez 8 Mexican American
Abigail Martinez 11 Mexican American
Audrey Martinez 13 Mexican American
John-Mark McBean 27 black British
Bernadette Monbelly 31 black British
Rosemary Morrison 29 black British
Melissa Morrison 6 black British
Sonia Murray 29 black American
Theresa Nobrega 48 black British
James Riddle 32 white American
Rebecca Saipaia 24 Asian Phillipino
Steve Schneider 43 white American
Judy Schneider 41 white American
Mayanah Schneider 2 white American
Michael Schroeder 29 white American
Clifford Sellors 33 white British
Scott Kojiro Sonobe 35 Asian American
Floracita Sonobe 34 Asian Phillipino
Gregory Summers 28 white American
Aisha Gyarfas Summers 17 white Australian
and unborn child
Startle Summers 1 white American
Lorraine Sylvia 40 white American
Rachel Sylvia 12 white American
Hollywood Sylvia 1 white American
Michelle Jones Thibodeau 18 white American
Serenity Jones 4 white American
Chica Jones 2 white American
Little One Jones 2 white American
Neal Vaega 38 Asian New Zealander
Margarida Vaega 47 Asian New Zealander
Jaydean Wendel 34 Asian American
Mark H. Wendel 40 Asian American

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